Diane Sawyer says, "Hi".

In February of 2010 Holland, Michigan hit the national headlines when we were named the Second Happiest City in the U.S. 
This recognition piqued the interest of journalist, Diane Sawyer: “How can
 a small town, in a state known for its high unemployment rate and nasty winters, beat out so many other cities in the happiness department?” So she - and her cameras - visited our Mayor, toured the city, sat down with locals and found the answer.  

Check for happiness.

Ramona Scott, from Brooklyn, New York, watched Diane’s report on the evening news and was so impressed with the way our community expressed contentment in the face of hardship that she sent our Mayor a $250 check instructing him to distribute it in increments of $25 
to those who could use a boost in difficult times. Ms. Scott's generosity inspired the citizens of Holland, who began sending checks to augment the Ramona L. Scott Fund, and who eventually created Pay It Forward Holland

How does PIFH work?

Through this site, we will distribute Pay It Forward Holland cards to be handed out along with random acts of kindness – any form of giving imaginable. The card will direct the recipient of the random act to this website, where the kind gesture can be recorded and used to inspire others to pay it forward. Together, we can build on Ramona Scott’s humble act of kindness, creating an endless wave of compassion that resonates around the world.


If you're interested in taking the payitforwardholland.org initiative to your city or organization, click here.